Tre, 2022  2022

The commission explored ideas of home and homecoming, and what it means to be at home in Cornwall today. It took inspiration from historic manuscripts, people’s stories, and the local landscape and features green roundels of glass handmade from Cornish sand.

The window depicts a scene when Adam’s son Seth arrives at the gates of the Garden of Eden. He sees the Tree of Knowledge, foreshadowing the wood of the cross on which Christ is crucified. Seth’s tale is intriguing because usually Paradise is forbidden, symbolising a state of bliss we cannot return to. This hopeful story can be interpreted in many ways. At its heart, Seth’s story is redemptive and speaks of the possibility of returning home. The title Tre was chosen as it is the Cornish word for homestead, which survives in so many place names.

The Dehwelans project, which resulted in the commission, was funded through Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and the artwork was unveiled on March 5 2022.

Find out more and see talks from the unveiling here.

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Galvanised steel with graphite and wax finish, 6mm artista screen printed glass with kelp glass roundels. 3930 (h) x 2880 (w) x 230mm (d). Photographs courtesy of Nick Cooney.

Tre was commissioned in 2021 to celebrate and commemorate the return to Cornwall of historic Cornish language manuscripts, including The Cornish Ordinalia, for temporary exhibitions at Kresen Kernow.

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