Double Fold  2013

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Double Fold is a danced response to a set of acoustic panels taken out of a rehearsal studio that Rambert has used for thirty years and now vacated. Installed in Rambert’s pristine new rehearsal space on the South Bank their two rehearsal spaces are now folded into one.

“I often work with paper and photographs from books that become fragile over time. When I saw the acoustic panels in the building where Rambert formerly worked, they immediately struck me as holding a record of time related to the photographic. The specifics of a dance studio (doors, heating systems, ceiling height) have determined their forms. For Double Fold I have hung them more abstractly, in an area the size of half of the former studio. They continue to register a precise but now abandoned space, and embody over thirty continuous years of Rambert repertoire in rehearsal. The panels hold a residue of breath and movement not recorded in any other way. The six Rambert dancers who perform Double Fold are unfolding the time of their own rehearsals in repeated phrases and gestures. The choreography extends the visual and sculptural fact of the panels, and by their embodied movement the ephemeral fragility of the dancing body reflects back to the material world and the time scale of the panels.”

Abigail Reynolds Artist In Residence, Rambert

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A 30 minute performance made in collaboration with Rambert

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