Mount Fear East London  2003

Mount fear East London
Mount fear East London
Mount fear East London

Visualising the frequency and position of crimes in East London, Mount Fear's troubled terrain of peaks and troughs gives massive physical form to hard numerical data. Central to the work is the dramatic contrast between the sedate forms of the cardboard vista and that of the violence that the mountainous forms represent; areas with the highest recorded violent crimes have the highest peaks.

Huge swathes of data, including that used in Mount Fear are deployed within the public domain to shape our perception and fear of crime in every day life. Mount Fear could be interpreted as a metaphor for an anxious society fixated on numerical justification and accountability. (Trade Gallery Press Release 2010.)

This work was commissioned by New Contemporaries 2003.

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Statistics for all violent crimes in East London between 2002-2003. 1450 (h) x 5400 (w) x 4250 (d) mm

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