Swim 3 - Oct 19th 2015   2015


I needed to get out and run after clearing up the house. The land asks nothing from me. I traverse it with my mind chasing other places, other situations. It doesn't need my attention, which when I pay it always repays me. 

A goldfinch precedes me on the path. 

A fire guts a library so the stairway becomes funnel of flame. 

A child's t-shirt floats in softly curving shapes deep in soapy bath water. 

A limpet fits itself slowly and tightly back into the fine circular indentation of its rock-place with a silent click. 

The Sun’s huge curve touches the far horizon out to sea.

The land is made demanding by a strong wind from the sea. Wind constantly plucking and insisting, deafening with it’s constant voice. Like moving through London.