Swim 7 - Nov 23rd 2015   2015


Storm ‘Abigail’ swept in last weekend and stayed for an entire week, and running in 45mph winds and rain - or if not rain just leaden skies - no light at all. Just wasn’t appealing.

I didn’t really expect I’d actually swim, as I still have a cold. Still, I was woken by a text from Andy on the train at 7.14am - I woke really at 6 in the dark, and I thought I should get up but instead I dozed which was very pleasant. At 7.14 the sky was pale and high and clear and dawn just rosying the east so I made a cup of tea, woke the children by squeaking the blinds up and got them packed off to breakfast club by threatening piano practice. And it wasn’t till I has shooed them across the road to school and walked back in thinking RIGHT _ TAX RETURN when I realised I ought to go for a run. So I dressed in a sweatshirt and ran out thinking I’d go to Carn Gloose and start soft since I haven’t run for 10 days or more, but then my feet turned to run up to the top of lecha vean - partly because there would be dog-walkers on the carn gloose path and I always pref not to run past those unpredictable dogs. 

I ran up past the YHA - no ice on the drinking trough since it’s not all that cold. Then shouted at the brown cows crossing the field so they’d shift aside. I am usually more careful of them and take another way but I didn’t feel that way inclined.

As I ran round east on the cliff with the gorse all shining gold in the low clean cold  light I could see it was low tide and it flashed into my mind - I’m going to swim! So I cut down the cliff and ran down by the old mine and got in. Oh it made me glad to be running over the humped sheets of rock on the beach. The sun can strikes on that side but in the winter of course the whole of the cot valley or Porth Nanven side is in shadow. So in the sun I undressed and slid into the blue lagoon. Very shallow. Oh it was cold. COLD. I couldn’t even shout out it was so cold. I laughed though - I did it! I didn’t care that I was nude - nobody was out in any case. 

It took me 50 minutes. I only saw one person the whole time, and that was on the narrow foot bridge at the head of the cot valley as I ran back home. That huge man with the sheepdog and hands like hams.